Buying A Rent To Own Home In Maryland Can Be Easy.

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We’d love to help you get into one of our Maryland Rent To Own Homes / Lease Purchase Homes. Bad or NO credit isn’t a problem with us.

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Thinking About Buying a Rent to Own Home In Maryland?

Bad or NO Credit? We Have Good News for you!


You’ve found the right place for a fantastic Rent to Own Home in Maryland

  • Are you tired of throwing away your hard earned money every month on rent?
  • Do you want to put your family into a beautiful place they can call home?
  • Do you feel your Credit or past issues are stopping you?

rent to own home in maryland

With a lease purchase, you don’t have to face the immediate scrutiny that lenders will put you through, even if you have what you think are “problems”.

We help regular folks like you become homeowners because we believe in the American dream. We love helping our communities to grow and improve by empowering folks to accomplish something that they didn’t think was possible.

Our success is measured by making a difference in people’s lives.

We love it when people say things to us like:

“We never could have done this without you! With our previous credit history and very little cash, we didn’t know we could become homeowners – but now our family has a beautiful home to call our own. Thank you so much!”

“Your service has been phenomenal, thank you for the great support!”

“Even though my husband was having trouble getting a job, you were able to help us to get a house! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us!”

We are happy to answer any questions you want to ask, and we can help you avoid scams. Even though rent to own arrangements can be great deals, there are definitely some scam artists in the real estate business.

What are the Benefits of Lease Purchasing a Home?

rent to own house in maryland

  • Low option consideration fee
  • Many past credit problems can be fixed through credit repair
  • Less qualifying restrictions
  • Purchase price is agreed upon and locked in ahead of time
  • You are able to check out the area and house thoroughly before purchasing the house
  • The property continues to build equity while you are living in it. That equity is yours when you exercise your option!
  • You can purchase a home warranty with a low deductible to cover most repairs such as A/C, water heater, etc.
  • Option consideration fee is fully credited to the cost of the house
  • We work directly with loan officers to assist you in obtaining permanent financing

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Give us a call anytime at 301-591-6491 to find out how we can help you, or fill out the form below to get started now.

Sounds simple, right? It truly is.

How To Get Started

If you’re curious to see what properties we have available today, get started by filling out the pre-qualification form below. We do have properties listed on this website but the best deals don’t even make it to this site because they get snatched up by those already pre-qualified BEFORE we even get a chance to list it online or on the MLS.

So, you’ll get an edge when you start the process by getting pre-qualified below.

Fill out the form BELOW to get the process rolling and see available Rent to Own Houses in Maryland! 

Step 2 - Finish Your Rent to Own Profile (Become A Preferred Tenant)

We put those who fill out this form on what we call our "Preferred Buyer" list. Properties get sent out to Preferred Buyers first... then to the general list if Preferred Buyers don't snap it up. It's free. Just shows to us that you're serious. Please spend a few minutes and help us learn more about what you're looking for. It will help us help you.
  • Contact Information

    Please keep in mind that your proof of income will need to support this amount.
  • We help those with low or no credit get into great homes. But knowing where your credit currently stands helps us have a better idea of your specific situation.
  • Having a higher credit score will allow you to own your home faster and you could even qualify for a 0 down loan! Plus you could save hundreds, even thousands on interest!
    Our homes require move in funds of at least Full First Month's Rent and an Option to Purchase Fee which is 4-5% of the Purchase Price of the home. Usually the Option to Purchase Fee is $5,000-$10,000. We require more up front funds to ensure the tenant is serious about working with credit repair/mortgage lender to purchase the home by the end of the lease term.
  • Add up all gross income for everyone over 18 who will be living in the home.
  • If you had a bankruptcy, you are eligible if it has been at least 1 year since the discharge date. If you had a foreclosure, you are eligible if you are at least 2 years from the completion date.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

If you see a property on our website that interests you, e-mail us or call us at 301-591-6491 to set up an appointment to see the home. Or, simply fill out the form letting us know you are ready to step into the world of home ownership and we can send you our Tenant-Buyer application. Once you complete an application, we will contact you and discuss what will be needed to prepare for finance, whether that is establishing trade lines, credit improvement etc and connect you with one of our preferred loan officers to create a plan of action.

What Is Required To Qualify For A Lease Purchase Home?

Great question! When you apply for a lease purchase property, there are some main items that are being reviewed and that are being looked for:

  • Debt to Income
  • Bankruptcies? (If so, there are certain time restrictions)
  • Foreclosure? (Again, certain time restrictions are set forth by the lenders.)
  • Tax Lien? (Normally must be paid for finance)
  • Credit Score (Although other items are important, we are typically looking for applicants that are no more than 60 points away from FHA finance)
  • Judgement? (Must be resolved for most lenders)

The total amount required for move in is the Option Consideration Fee stated on the property, plus the first month’s rent payment.

It’s that easy! The first step to the dream of home ownership begins by filling out the form above or contact us.